What is a Pub and what is the “mission” of Highlander?

The noun “Pub” is a shortened version of “Public House”. It traces its roots to “ale houses” found in Great Britain and Ireland as early as 450 AD. By the mid-1200s the genre was more clearly defined as a relaxed, social drinking establishment, often offering food and lodging for travelers .

Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) features its own style of neighborhood Pub somewhat different in character than the iconic “Irish” version. These pubs are normally associated with a distinct neighborhood and mostly serve the needs of those families within walking distance or perhaps a short bike ride. The whole family uses their local Pub, including the children and trusty dog, as a gathering place, a wholesome food option, and a reliable venue to entertain their out of town guests (because their own house is probably too small to do that comfortably). A typical invitation to your pal or relative and his or her family might be, “join us at our local tonight.” No more specific details need be added, everything from dress code to approximate arrival time is included in this “coded” message.

In short, the local pub is a resource; a place of warmth, full of familiar faces and relative peace.  At Highlander we strive to be “The Neighborhood’s Living Room,” and an important social and dining option for all of Collierville and its neighboring towns of Piperton, Rossville and Germantown. And, as in days of old, travelers passing through are more than welcome.

Why is Highlander characterized specifically as “a Scottish Pub”? There are two reasons: 1. While food quality has improved dramatically throughout Britain over the last twenty years or so, nowhere is this truer than in Scotland. We focus on every aspect of your experience with us, but our first goal is to impress you with the quality, freshness, taste and authenticity of our food. Our Head Chef, Martin Mitchell, is a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, and an award winning creator of exceptional dishes with over three decades of experience in kitchens throughout Europe and Asia Minor. 2. Like the chef, this Publican was born in Scotland, returns there frequently to visit family and friends, and loves the Scottish culture nearly as much as the American one.